[Original title: Özgürleşen Seyirci: Emek Sineması Mücadelesi]

Emek Bizim İstanbul Bizim Initiative

[2016, 48 minutes, Turkish, English (with English subtitles)]

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

at the Bookcase Micromuseum & Library (London, ON) As part of a Social Emergency Response Centre - Space is Limited, Please RSVP - see facebook page for full schedule of events

More about the work:

AUDIENCE EMANCIPATED: THE STRUGGLE FOR THE EMEK MOVIE THEATER chronicles one of the most prominent struggles that took place in the heart of Istanbul and paved the way to the Gezi Resistance. It tells the struggle around the Emek Theater, which was demolished against people's consent and common good, and turned into a shopping mall, through the eyes of the activists and spectators. The film consists of the footage people who joined the struggle collected, and in this sense, aims to reflect the common imagination of the people who defended their right to the city. It carries the idea of a new publicness that gained visibility with the Gezi Resistance to the cinema screen through a political mobilization for cinema itself.

Emek Bizim İstanbul Bizim is an initiative that was formed in 2010 to organize demonstrations and events against the demolition of Emek Movie Theater in Beyoglu, Istanbul. Since 2013, the initiative collected video and sound recordings of the demonstrations, made by activists and various filmmakers, which then turned into the documentary¬†Audience Emancipated: The Struggle for the Emek Movie Theater.

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