[image: KIRUNA - RYMDVAGEN - Liselotte Wajstedt, 2014, Sweden, 52 minutes]


Friday March 01, 2019, 7:30 PM, FREE

OCAD University (100 McCaul Street, Room 230, more info below)


[Liselotte Wajstedt, 2014, Sweden, 52 minutes, experimental documentary]

"The town of Kiruna is to be moved. The mining activities underground threaten it’s foundation. Houses will be moved, or torn down, and new quarters will be built on another site. The director grew up on the Company Site and is in a hurry to catch up with her past, for soon it’s physical reminders will be gone. When I first heard that the town Kiruna will be moved I got scared. When I understood that my old quarters would be the first to go, I panicked. What will happen to my memories? What memories? What do I really recall? Will I loose the opportunity to remember the things I may have forgotten? -- Liselotte Wajstedt, Director

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91rIXj9v5QI/




The Case of Gran Colombia Gold - Crude Gold

[Monica Gutierrez, Colombia/Canada, 2014, 10 minutes, documentary)]

Story of how Gran Colombia Gold came to be formed is the story of the abuses of power against a worker's union as a rightful owner of the mine. This documentary shares the situation in Segovia, a town with a long and proud tradition in gold mining. The Toronto-based corporation may be involved with paramilitary connections and the murder of president of the Regional Union Mining and Energy workers, Rafael Tobon Zea, in 2011.

TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/121320854/

To Stop Being a Threat and To Become a Promise

[Carolina Caycedo, Colombia/UK, 2017, 8 minutes, two channel documentary]

Weaving footage from diverse hydrographies such as the Colorado, the Yaqui, the Xingu, the Spree and the Magdalena Rivers, the two channels contrast the indigenous and peasant lifestyle with the extractivist approach to water and land, by juxtaposing encountered perspectives and understandings of what a territory is, and how it may be inhabited. Along the way, Indigenous perspectives casts visual spells on the extractive one, making it wobble, shake, unfold, and eventually transforming it into a spiritual vision.

TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/121320854/


Liselotte Wajstedt: Born 1973 in Kiruna with her Sámi roots in Nedre Soppero, Sweden. Liselotte works fulltime as an artist and filmmaker. Behind her she has an education in painting and arts from different schools in Sweden: Project programme in free Art at Royal institute of art as well as animation and experimental filmmaking with special emphasis on documentary storytelling and scriptwriting; Bachelor of Arts in Expression in Convergent Media, 2010 at Gotland University. liselottewajstedt.com

Monica Gutierrez: Colombian filmmaker and visual artist based out of Toronto. Main interests include art for social change, sustainable practices and citizen media. Monica's artistic practice also focuses on organizing community artistic workshops and community arts projects in Canada and Central America.

Carolina Caycedo: born in London to Colombian parents. She transcends institutional spaces to work in the social realm, where she participates in movements of territorial resistance, solidarity economies, and housing as a human right. Carolina’s artistic practice has a collective dimension to it in which performances, drawings, photographs and videos are not just an end result, but rather part of the artist’s process of research and acting. Through work that investigates relationships of movement, assimilation and resistance, representation and control, she addresses contexts, groups and communities that are affected by developmental projects, like the constructions of dams, the privatization of water, and its consequences on riverside communities.


FREE screening as part of the symposium:


“Resisting Extractivism, Performing Opposition” / 1-2 March 2019 / OCAD University (100 McCaul Street, just south of Dundas West) *OCAD University is an accessible space.

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